Ginger Powder

Dry Ginger powder is also known as (Sonth/Soonth/Saunth) in Hindi, ‘Sonti‘ in Telugu, (Chukku or Sukku) in Tamil, ‘Chukku‘ in Malayalam, ‘Shunti‘ in Kannada, ‘Sonth‘ in Bengali, ‘Soonth‘ in Gujarati and ‘Suntha‘ in Marathi. This comes from fresh ginger that is dried before being used. It is a fine off-white powder that has a strong aroma and pungent flavor. Dry Ginger powder is mostly easy to store and has a long shelf life of a year. Find out here what are the benefits of dry ginger powder.

Dehydrated Ginger Powder is the main ingredient in the formulation of various medicines. This is also available at affordable prices. Dehydrated Ginger Powder enhance the taste and delicacy on the various dishes. Dehydrated ginger powder is available in different forms such as slices, flakes, chopped, minced, powder. It contents less than 6 % moisture.